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Rajiv Shah is a software engineer with experience in cross-platform mobile software development. His fascination with programming was sparked by work with Scratch and Lego League in elementary and middle school. After learning the basics of Java in eighth grade, he became interested in a wide range of technological fields, including machine learning, robotics, and cybersecurity, to name a few. Once he graduates from high school this year, he plans to pursue a degree in Computational Data Sciences from Penn State University.

After discovering IOTA in 2017, Rajiv wanted to contribute to the code behind it. He began working on the Trinity wallet later that year under the guidance of Navin Ramachandran, Charlie Varley, and the rest of the Trinity team, and quickly became familiar with the code and underlying frameworks. Since then, he has helped fix bugs and add new features to the app. He can’t wait to see what the future holds for Trinity and IOTA.

Rajiv is joining IOTA as a software engin...

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