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Andrea Villa is a self-taught computer hacker, devops and entrepreneur, with 15 years experience in the field of system administration, information security and networks. Passionate about Linux kernel hacking since a young age, during his MSc in Networks and Operating Systems, he hacked the TOMOYO Mandatory Access Control system, achieving a successful port to the Android platform.

During his career Andrea served in multiple roles: as a cloud architecture specialist, devops, and, most notably, as a senior security consultant for renowned clients worldwide: attacking banks, smart cars, embedded devices, complex corporate networks and participating in hacking competitions along acclaimed CTF teams.

Fond for new experiences and challenges, he founded Eureka, a platform for running computational science on the cloud, where he served as CTO.

As a fast-paced and bleeding edge tech organization, I believe IOTA faces several security challenges in terms of protocol, implementation, operations and...

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