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With the TRON mainnet Launch just a couple of weeks away, the platform has been gearing up and has been gaining momentum. TRON, which has exited ERC-20 has not only challenged Ethereum, but has also officially come forward with several rewarding schemes to people who migrate from Ethereum to its own mainnet.

As one of the main challengers to Ethereum, TRON aims to create a more efficient, developer-friendly platform for dApps that is not encumbered by scaling and maintains high throughput as a blockchain-based operating system.

Thus, if TRX schemes, features and incentives are able to migrate all of its 100 million DApp users from ERC-20, it will boost the TRX progress when it fully launch the mainnet on May 31th.

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Justin Sun, TRON Founder, said there is no threat about token swap during...

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