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“When Trinity???”

Regular visitors to the IOTA Discord will be well-accustomed to this phrase.

Trinity is the long-awaited user-friendly IOTA wallet that has been in development for the last few months. What started life as a little glint in my eye — okay okay, Charlie Varley may have played a small role here too 😄 — has blossomed into a project which has gained the support of the whole community.

The development team was aided by members of the community, who raised the mobile wallet to new heights, and who began working on the desktop implementation. However this project was run as a loosely controlled community project, and this has led to delays in delivering the final product.

This is where I put my hands up and take responsibility. Let’s call this article my catharsis.

After Action Review

Looking back, there are factors which led to delays.

  • Pulling a Travis, the temptation to own the whole design process (see here, here and here). Luckily we have had some talented designers help us alon...

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