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In the previous update, we highlighted some of the ongoing developments for the security audit of the Trinity wallet. This post will mainly outline our progress and results.

If you have any questions about ongoing development of the Trinity wallet, please join the #trinity-discussion Discord channel.

As announced in our last update, the Trinity mobile and desktop applications are undergoing a security audit by a leading security firm. The audit will assess authentication, storage areas, configuration and validation in the applications, and will ensure that a high level of security is in place. Since submission for security audit, we have tackled the outstanding bug list for mobile reported by our beta testers.

Here is a summary of some of the recent completed and in-progress works.


- Add retry button, error log and change node Realm migration (#1041)
- Add migration retry and node change functionality (#1094)
- Update Entangled node use 1) add batched proof-of-work and 2) switch to tr...

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