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We had the privilege of speaking with Loi Luu, co-founder of Kyber Network, The Decentralized Exchange Service that enables conversion of crypto assets. Kyber was also one of the most successful ICOs of 2017.

Kyber network is a decentralized exchange that allows a seamless and secure conversion with guaranteed liquidity. The project runs entirely on the blockchain, and allows secure exchange of crypto tokens with no single point of failure, making it extremely difficult to compromise the exchange. Kyber is also a payment service provider, with a dedicated token conversion service. In the case where you’re a merchant, and you only accept a certain type of crypto, Ethereum for example, the Kyber service allows your users to pay in any other token and the conversion is powered by the Kyber Network, in the background.

Q: You recently announced a partnership with a few wallets, could you elaborate on that?

A: Recently we announced a partnership with three more wallets. One of them is I...

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