It is worth noticing that ever since the blockchain technology became more popular, people have been seeking decentralization in pretty much all domains. One of the most futuristic use cases in this landscape happens to be the decentralization of energy and that’s exactly what AVALO-energy offers.

Just to set the perspective here, we allow our users to generate, distribute, share and consume renewable energy without depending on any centralized authority. In fact, everything is handled on the blockchain, thus making the processes way more efficient and autonomous.

Pros of Decentralized Electricity 

Now, let’s have a look at a couple of features as to why AVALO-energy is so inclined towards utilizing the blockchain technology and how does it help the people around the World.

  1. A decentralized architecture for the production, distribution, and consumption of electricity is quite a robust option in all scenarios as it gets rid of the single point of failure and prevents the entire system from going down in case of a catastrophe. Currently, most of the infrastructures are centralized and are significantly exposed to cyber-attacks and disasters
  1. Our decentralized solution can also curb down (or eliminate) the transmission losses, thus allowing the consumers to get electricity at a much cheaper rate. In a centralized system, the main losses occur in transmission lines, local distribution, and transformers – all of that is effectively tackled in AVALO-energy’s ecosystem
  1. It is incredibly easy and cost-effective to deploy an infrastructure that produces and dispenses decentralized electricity. In contrast, the installation cost of a centralized architecture is insanely high and that’s why some of the villages in the 3rd World countries still do not have electricity as the companies think it is not economically feasible to do so. Moreover, even the maintenance cost is significantly lower as compared to the conventional grid systems where repairs are required every few years and cost millions

Just to give you a clear idea regarding the potential of decentralized energy and how it can solve large-scale problems, please note when the nuclear power plant was hit by Tsunami in Fukushima, a major area of Japan went dark. The reason is quite straightforward – they were following a centralized architecture and as soon as the site was hit, there was no backup.

Contrary to this, if a decentralized infrastructure was deployed, then the devices that were generating the electricity could have powered the affected areas of Japan.


Therefore, the mere slogan ‘The Power of Us’ is enough to depict our enthusiasm towards harnessing green energy and allowing people to be the ‘owner’ of electricity they produce instead of relying on conventional grid stations that are extremely inefficient and unreliable.

Another objective of ‘The Power of Us’ is to promote a community-like culture where every AVALO member can benefit from each other by locating the portable power sources on a map, recharging their electric devices from nearby power hubs and ultimately, setting up their portable devices to act as hotspot for the community, thus earning rewards as well.

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