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Everyone who has ever attempted to plan a foreign journey on their own must agree that this task isn’t for those weak in spirit. While the internet nowadays offers a million of ways to book a hotel room, buy a plane ticket, or simply find out what the destination country has to offer, when it comes to practice, things don’t usually go smooth.

Troubled Waters of Travelling

The least pleasant part of that experience is the need to cross check everything; sift through dozens of offerings that go on top thanks to SEO people hotels or airlines had wisely hired; the need to visit numerous booking websites that have nearly similar functionality, and so forth. Additionally, such services tend to charge a substantial fee for making things less awkward for wannabe travellers, which in case of may go up to 20% of the offering itself.

There are, however, other, less obvious, issues that travellers face. These things include cultural differences between their home and destination countr...

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