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Gone are the days when the average person could save for a down payment and buy a house. The real estate market has seen a significant amount of growth over the last few decades. Prices in prime cities such as San Francisco and New York have soared so much that people simply cannot afford to live there anymore. This is bad news for non-institutional real estate investors, who don’t have the capital to compete in such an expensive real estate market.

The real estate market is one of low liquidity, although it requires large amounts of capital. This means that investors have to invest large amounts of their capital, and also have to take the risk of not being able to sell their property at the right time.

Normal Americans suffer greatly due to the burdensome, contemporary process of making real estate deals in the US. If you’re looking to buy a house in the US, you have to go through credit checks, high transaction costs, taxes and numerous other steps.

If you look at the transaction cos...

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