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Happy first anniversary, Qubic! We’re celebrating one year of Qubic status updates with the new simplified design that Sabri is introducing to our header image.

This year has been quite the roller coaster ride, with lots of reading, research, coding, testing, restarting from scratch, one step forward, minus two steps back, hours of staring at code looking for bugs that aren’t there, meetings, brainstorm sessions, and trying to decode CfB’s brain waves. Haven’t had this much fun in decades!

The results we’ve accomplished are looking good. We now have a lot of basic IXIs that are necessary to put the Qubic puzzle together. We also have the Abra specification, the Qupla language that implements the specification, the Qubic Computation Model that integrates all entities in the system, a basic library with standard functions for Qupla, and some tools to be able to test all this. The remaining puzzle pieces are being architected as we speak so that we can start building Q-nodes.

For those of yo...

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