A popular privacy-focused blockchain-based web browser, Brave, has just announced that its monthly active user count has reached eight million. Contained in the official announcement, Brave also adds that the platform sees more than 2.8 million active users every day.

Furthermore, Brave also has more than 290,000 Brave Verified Publishers, accounts that have signed up to the platform to publish content and earn income in form of Brave’s Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), for their content. The announcement says that out of 290,000, YouTube creators have hit 200,000. In addition, there are 33,000 website publishers or creators as well as 15,000 Twitch streamers.

Back in August, Brave also announced a feature that will allow people tip accounts they like on Twitter, for the content that they put. People who use Twitter on the Brave platform would be able to pay users with content they consider entertaining or impressive, with BAT. The announcement also announced that there are 28,000 Twitter accounts, which have joined and can receive BAT.

As part of its recorded progress, Brave also announced the growth of its ad service. First launched more than 6 months ago, Brave’s opt-in ad platform has now completed 385 ad campaigns with impressive engagement figures.

“Platform engagement is extremely high, with a click-through rate of 14% (the industry average is just 2%). More importantly, 12% of click-throughs result in page visits of 10 seconds or longer. There have been 2.36 million 10-second active page visits overall.”

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