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This week we chatted with Dylan Sharkley, a senior advisor with Photochain and other ground breaking blockchain projects.

Dylan was LinkedIn’s Head of Sales Solutions for Middle East and North Africa where he scaled up the business’ Dubai office from two employees to a hundred. Dylan also has plenty of government sector experience, representing Enterprise Ireland in the UAE, as well investment expertise across Europe and Asia.

Dylan joined Photochain, the decentralized application that is disrupting the stock photography market, in December 2017. Photochain aims to bring back the power in stock photography to the photographers, and we wanted to know what inspires him about the project.


Tell us how you discovered Photochain or how it discovered you and what made you want to join the team?

I came across Photochain while I was still at LinkedIn. I had been working with LinkedIn for over 6 years and had been personally investing in crypto and startups for some time. When I was introduced ...

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