The entire crypto market seems to currently be on a steady path to interesting heights. At the moment and on average, the majority of assets in the sector are showing signs of good health even though there are some periods of lows. This is evident in the total crypto market capitalization as it has gone past $300 billion, a level last seen almost 6 months ago.

Bitcoin recently successfully broke the $10,000 barrier and is currently maintaining levels above $10,300. After it recently crossed $10,000, the entire market capitalization hit $300 billion. The last time the market hit current levels was back in August 2019.

This new record helps the market maintain some of the optimism it lost towards the end of last year when markets were not trading as favourably as preferred.  This year, the broader market has however been performing satisfactorily as Bitcoin and other major altcoins are pulling interesting gains.

The market is also preparing for Bitcoin’s upcoming halving and seems to be quite enthusiastic. On average, the crypto community is very bullish that the event will shoot Bitcoin’s value as high as is expected.

Coinbase recently released a report, predicting that the halving will confirm Bitcoin’s position as digital gold. German banking giant Bayern LB is also very bullish.


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