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Alpha release (Ari)

In February, we debuted our Alpha release (Ari) at ETH Denver. Ari is the conclusion of the current stage in our development cycle. It is the point in which we’ve become ready to start using our Plasma MoreVP implementation on a public Ethereum network with users.

Ari, being on a public Ethereum network now allows us in tandem with partners, to test the integration of third-party apps with our Plasma MoreVP network. At ETHDenver Hoard ran an iteration of Plasma Dog with a limited-edition Bufficorn skin for the Hackathon.

The Alpha release enables us to rigorously test and search for bugs on the network together with our partners like Hoard. Being on a public network allows more developers and entities to use and test our product allowing for a well-rounded feedback mechanism for creating iterations faster. In the first 24 hours of Hoard running their application on our network, we were able to test the capabilities and capacity of our system. Over 28.5k transactions we...

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