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Popular Ethereum wallet interface MyEtherWallet (MEW) has suffered a domain name system (DNS) attack that allowed a hacker to redirect users to a malicious version of the website and phish their private keys.

MyEtherWallet is widely used for sending money to crowdsales, and conducting many more day-to-day transactions that involve sending ether or ERC20 tokens.

The news came into limelight after a Reddit user posted asking everyone to switch off their google public DNC {} as it has been compromised. A total of 180 transactions has been recorded in this hijack. 215 ETH were phished to an unknown wallet named ??“Fake_Phishing899” ?which took only two and a half hours.

A user posted a thread on MyEtherWallet Reddit entitled “Think I got scammed/phished/hacked”. TheMyEtherWallet official website showed that the connection is not secure. The user con...

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