Microsoft has announced that its new initiative will make the production of blockchain tokens very easy and straightforward.  The company’s principal architect, Marley Gray, made the announcement at the Microsoft Ignite conference which took place in Orlando, Florida. According to Gray, the platform will make it easy for all interested institutions and businesses to do this very easily, in a bid to push forward the general drive for tokenization.

The platform is expected to provide these businesses with templates, which will consistently be improved on and added to, that will all tally with requirements as laid down by the Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI) which is a consortium with a focus on proper standards for blockchain tokens. Gray said:

“We are creating a platform in the cloud where any token within the TTI framework can snap into place. So you can build applications where you want to use tokens with, for example, Dynamics, SAP, applications in the [Microsoft] Office suite or some other business automation process.”

Already, the TTI has found ways of pulling several blockchain platforms to work together in achieving a common pro-blockchain goal. Consequently, there will also be a few example tokens launched as well, including one from IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric, as well as the BOND from Santander, and other offerings from both ConsenSys and Intel as well.

Microsoft recently joined Intel, to back the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), to create a system for encouraging business with reward tokens.


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