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Desktop version of Lisk Hub.

At Lisk, we are proud of the fact that our product development has a strong focus on security. We work hard every single day to ensure that you can interact with our network in the most secure way.

Lisk is constantly expanding as more users want to hold our utility token and participate in our voting system. Since the beginning of our blockchain, we have witnessed the creation of over 190,000 wallets and supported over 1,500,000 transactions. As the ecosystem continues to grow, we need to ensure best security practices to support this development.

Recently, a BGP hijacking attack was performed against Amazon, causing them to route traffic originally intended for Google’s DNS servers to go to a rogue DNS server. This rogue DNS server then returned the IP of a phishing site for DNS lookups for

Given our daily improvement of Lisk Hub, we have come to the conclusion that the web version cannot guarantee the additional levels of security that the ...

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