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Lisk Dev Update: Core’s Brand New Database Layer, 1.5.0-rc.2 in QA for Testnet and Lisk Mobile’s upcoming BTC Integration

Hey Liskers,

Another fortnight has passed and Lightcurve development teams have a number of updates to share with the Lisk community. Lisk Core 1.5.0 was released to Testnet and introduces a completely new database layer. A couple of API issues spotted during the Testnet phase resulted in a patch fix which is currently in the QA process. Lisk Elements 2.1.0.alpha.2, its third release, continues work on the integration of Elements’ libraries into Core. Lisk Hub 1.11.0 features a redesigned dashboard, as well as the wallet page. Lisk Mobile, on the other hand, announces the major release of 1.0.0 featuring a Bitcoin integration! Want to know more? Read on.

Lisk Core

1.5.0 includes a brand new database layer — a 2nd release candidate for the Testnet fix is in QA.

1.5.0 was released to Testnet on Monday February 25th. Since then, we’ve fixed a few regressions spotted on the ...

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