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Hello Lisk Community!

At Lisk, we wholeheartedly believe in transparency; and we also believe in inclusion. That is why in addition to our monthly Community Update blog posts recapping the month prior, we’ve decided to bring you the Lisk Vlog.

The Lisk Vlog was launched to bring a fresh and vibrant overview of the previous month on the Lisk project. It also provides a real inside-look into life at Lisk. Created by Julian Alterini, our Motion Designer, the format will be released via our YouTube channel on the last work-day, every month. It aims to open the doors to the Lightcurve office and give a unique insight into the progress within each department, including interviews with various members of the team.

Moving forward, the Community Update blog post and Vlog will be released alongside one another. The blog will provide a detailed overview with key information and statistics from the month, and the Vlog will give an engaging visual recap.

After a long and cold winter, spring is finally upon us in Berlin and we’re excited to report a productive month of March.

The Community Update for March will cover the following:

  • Company Update
  • Development Update
  • Marketing Update
  • Community Update
  • Next Steps

Company Update

  • A number of talented individuals joined the Lightcurve team last month. Pablo Molina and Michal Tomasik joined the team as Frontend Developers while Lucas Silvestre joined as a Fullstack Developer.
  • We made a big move last month when we relocated to the top floor of the Potsdamer Platz WeWork building. This is the first time that the entire team — HR, Marketing and Development — all sit together in one huge room. The office is solely dedicated to Lightcurve, therefore allows for open communication and accessibility across teams.

Development Update

  • Lisk Core 0.9.12 was released last month and included bug fixes and stability improvements. More details can be found on GitHub.
  • We also introduced the Lisk Template in March — a repository dedicated to improving and coordinating standards across the Lisk ecosystem. We believe that in an open source project, security and adoption of the same standards are priorities. You can find the Lisk Template on GitHub and can read in much greater detail about the Lisk Template on our Blog.
  • The main goal of the Lisk Hub 0.2.0 release was to improve test coverage in order to allow for bi-weekly releases with confidence that previous features will not be broken. We want to add more automated tests and code refactoring of any code that has code quality issues. The release also contained a number of bug fixes for some edge cases that slipped into the initial 0.1.0 release. More details can be found on GitHub.
  • The Lisk Hub 0.3.0 release included a variety of new features, including account initialization, lock ID, copy address, home button, and a brand new desktop icon. It also included a number of other smaller tweaks to improve user experience. We also updated the icon of the desktop app from a gray Lisk logo to a blue circle with a white outline and white Lisk logo inside. More details can be found on GitHub.
  • Last month also saw the first release candidate for version 0.4.0, Lisk Hub 0.4.0-rc.1, which included onboarding guide, second passphrase registration, launch protocol for vote and send, and some other smaller improvements. More details can be found on GitHub.

Marketing Update

  • Lisk attended and spoke at several blockchain conferences and Lisk meetups in March. There were a number of big blockchain events that Lisk participated in — including the virtual Crypto Virtual Summit, Token 2049 in Hong Kong and Slush Tokyo in Japan. There were a great deal of Lisk Meetups around the world that team members did not have the pleasure of attending (see Community Update section below for further detail), but founder Max Kordek presented at the Lisk Meetup in Tokyo last month.
  • Last month saw a number of new initiatives. Among the eight stories we published on the Lisk Blog in March were the debuts of the Future in Focus and Blockchain Buzz series. The Future in Focus series aims to spotlight promising blockchain projects around the world with up close and personal interviews. The series Blockchain Buzz will highlight and investigate different industries that are making real moves towards the adoption of blockchain technology.
  • In March, we received 45 media placements and 7 media mentions, including features in CoinPost, JAXenter and ValueWalk.

There were a number of great interviews that took place over the month:

Gina Contrino was interviewed by JAXenter
Mat Piaggi was interviewed by Cryptocurrency Australia and Crypto Fiend
Jacob Kowalewski was interviewed by Future Tech Podcast and Crypto Lark
Thomas Schouten was interviewed by CoinSutra
  • Marketing Manager Lindsay Buescher made it a priority to spread awareness of Lisk around the globe. Paid campaigns are running across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit and we’ve delivered 2 million impressions globally, over 300,000 video plays and 20,000 conversions.
  • Lisk was integrated with Pantos in March. Pantos was created by BitPanda in order to solve the blockchain fragmentation problem by enabling sustainable collaborations between projects and common technical standards for cross-blockchain transfers.
  • The Lisk Academy is continuing to grow as an unmatched educational resource in the blockchain industry.

Community Update

  • With Community Managers Mat Piaggi and Jan Liz-Fonts set on expanding Lisk’s footprint, they’re turning to universities and blockchain communities around the globe. Last month already saw many Lisk meetups spearheaded by community members around the world in Shanghai and the US (at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of California Berkeley and the University of Minnesota).
  • Jan traveled to the US at the end of March to attend and present at Lisk meetups in Texas, Washington and Ottawa in April, as well as the ForwardJS Summit in Ottawa.
  • Team members at Lightcurve were very active on Intercom in March, supporting and helping answer the community’s questions every single day. We strive to provide exceptional, world-class support and services.

Next Steps

Our most significant goal going forward is to expand Lisk’s presence across the globe. We are continuously adding events to our calendar, so be sure to visit our events page for the latest updates on where you can meet our team next or where you can check out a local Meetup.

This month, Mat, Thomas, Jacob and Michael Borowiec will be hosting the Lisk London Meetup on April 18. There they will present the latest news at Lisk, the Lisk Academy as well as an open Q&A. Shane V. Kehoe, the founder of cryptocurrency investment fund SVK Crypto will also be speaking at the event.

Lisk will also be present with a number of team members at the major blockchain and cryptocurrency conference Consensus 2018 hosted by CoinDesk in New York City on May 14-May 16.

As always, we’d like to thank our community for supporting our project and our vision.

-The Lisk Team

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