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You have probably heard the word cryptocurrency a couple of times now. In recent years, Cryptocurrencies have had a lot of buzz over the internet although most of us don’t have a definite idea of what it is or how to acquire it. However, most people who understand it have begun investing heavily in it as it offers a very promising return.

This article will look into Crypto Currencies; how to get them and whether it is the best time to invest in them.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency can be simply defined as encrypted digital money, just like PayPal or credit and debit cards, where all transactions are documented on a public ledger called a blockchain.  The currency operates just like normal currencies allowing users to buy, sell and send it to other people.

It is obtained through a process called mining which involves generating coins by solving complex math problems using computers. There many types of cryptocurrencies the most common being Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Li...

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