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An important update to our community and partners

Background on the reclaim process — the bundle bug

As most members of the IOTA Community know, in October of 2017 a bug was found in the early normalization code for IOTA transaction signature bundles. The details are highly technical, but the intrepid may check out Eric Hop’s excellent blog post on the IOTA signing process to fully understand them. For the less technically-minded, the upshot is that the bug put the IOTA tokens of certain users at risk by partially revealing a portion of the private key generated for specific addresses. This would have made it easier for malicious attackers to potentially “brute force” hack the remainder of those addresses’ private keys and thereby steal the tokens.

The IOTA open source community quickly came together to develop a patch for this bug. Over the course of three days, the coordinator was shut down (to make it more difficult for any brute force attacks to be confirmed), a patch was deployed, an...

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