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As it stands, cryptocurrencies and various other financial systems are the primary and most widely used application of the blockchain and its associated technology. However, the true potential of blockchain technology is far greater. It’s only a matter of time before we begin to see massive changes in the industry.

Jelurida’s Nxt Platform is Pushing for a Decentralized Future

Jelurida is the team behind the Nxt blockchain application – an advanced platform that is building on and improving the functionality of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The platform is poised to completely revolutionize the fintech, crowdfunding, and governance industries by providing a powerful modular toolset that grants its users the opportunity to create their own applications from scratch.

Nxt, the platform that ran the second ever ICO back in 2013, has quickly become a very stable blockchain that boasts a large variety of features. Their ICO has since been marked one of the biggest opportunities for ret...

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