No doubt, YouTube has been in a power position when it comes to dealing with artists. It has been the most popular sites on the web and obviously the biggest music destination. But, does it really help the new-heads?

It’s 5:30 in the morning, The same mistake that, without fail, Vicky makes every morning. She lies on the bed and puts her headphones on, checks her music video that she uploaded yesterday on a platform. She ignores the email instead and feels so excited expecting she got viewers and fans already. 2views 0likes and she was so disappointed. She spent her whole week writing the song and it was all for nothing! She thought that everything was as easy as 1 2 3 that she would build a fanbase overnight.

Vicky’s content is just one among more than 600,000 hours of video content and 18,000 hours of music that is uploaded over major free streaming services on the web daily for consumers to view and listen. Thus, this makes it incredibly difficult for an emerging creator to be noticed.

Every name on the big screen in the music industry becomes an inspiration for many to step into this business. For them, digital content is the easiest and cheapest way that exists. Digital Content Marketing has been popular as it can be a lot cheaper than spending money on TV, or radio and it already provides hundreds and thousands of careers for hundreds and thousands of internet sensations all over the Globe- be it black, brown or white. Unfortunately lots of them,  especially those who are new in the business struggle to get their music out there, and here is BeatzCoin making guarantees, to help the next generation of conscious artists who are trying to let their voices be heard. Industry giants like YouTube are centralized wherein VibraVid targets to be a decentralized answer to these centralized platforms.

Let us dive into the main vision and mission of BeatzCoin  at the center of VibraVid- they offer both users and creators a new way of earning money for creating, watching, or listening to what they love. In the past, advertisement was not a thing. We believe that users should be able to decide if they want to view adverts, and creators should be able to decide whether, and how frequently these advertisements will be displayed during display of their content.

VibraVid is not only for music content. Once a creator has completed their registration, they will also be able to upload anything and everything they want, from make-up tutorials to fitness tutorials, from gadget reviews to growing your own cactus, from painting your nails to how to upgrade your Android version. If you find your niche, film it, and upload at our blockchain-based P2P network.

How to earn BeatzCoin on the VibraVid Platform?

This application is designed for both users and creators, where at every point, they both will have a chance to earn BeatzCoin. The user can earn by signing up on the app, participating in bounty programs, watching paid-to-view advertisements. VibraVid also rewards the listeners by giving a portion of advertising revenue to them, with them completing daily or weekly challenges and much more, whereas creators earn when someone watches or listens to their content, allowing paid-to-view video advertisements on their content, and crowdfunding among other activities. Creators will also be able to participate in VibraVid sponsored creator competitions.

This will surely be effective for content adverts. Keeping aside that everyone is earning,  VibraVid & BeatzCoin also certainly make it a fun experience for one and all.

“Supporting underground musicians, and helps any artist take control of their own work. Very freeing.” Cryptocurrency world’s crypto ninja John McAfee said.

BeatzCoin Token Sale and Prototype will be launched by July 1, 2019. It is currently looking for the next internet sensation who has it to make it to the top. May the force of greatest content and love, always be with you!

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