Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and while there might be a small number of people all over the world who truly understand it and what it represents, it might be safe to assume that there’s a much larger number of people who have at least heard about Bitcoin before and may have some idea, but are not very knowledgeable. The interesting thing about Bitcoin is that while some knowledge might be required, deep technical knowledge isn’t always necessary.

Bitcoin is very popular as an investment asset that pulls in very substantial annual returns. However, it is more widely used as digital money and as adoption grows, the number of things that it can be used for also increases. Here are a few interesting things you probably didn’t know you can do with Bitcoin.


If you didn’t know, there are certain travel platforms that allow prospective customers to make payments with Bitcoin. This means that if you don’t have any cash, you can still take that vacation or business trip as the case may be, using just Bitcoin as payment. Some of these platforms will also let you plan tours in your destination city and even make hotel and restaurant reservations, all with payments in Bitcoin.

Online Casino

If you are big on slot games and other casino-related activities, the good news is that you can still indulge in all of these things using Bitcoin. As earlier mentioned, the different uses for the world’s largest cryptocurrency are constantly increasing and one that is slowly gaining popularity is playing Bitcoin Games. The next time you want to spend some money at an online casino, consider spending Bitcoin instead.

Real Estate

Many real estate companies all over the world now accept Bitcoin payments for purchases. This method is especially common as a method for individuals who want to buy property outside their country of residence and do not want to worry about how to transfer fiat or the heavy charges that usually come with cross-border transactions.

In addition to this, some real estate firms are also starting to tokenize their property on a blockchain which not only ensures transparency but also makes business transactions a lot more efficient.


Believe it or not, there are some charitable organizations that allow interested donors to make their donations using Bitcoin. Receiving crypto donations makes it a lot easier and faster for these organizations to get the help that many of them need. Find a charity organization that fights for a cause in which you’re in full support and sends them some Bitcoin today.


Sometimes, just spending some money and holding Bitcoin is enough. The asset has returned more than 100% so far this year alone and has returned several thousand percent since inception. Bitcoin is a very volatile asset which is both a blessing and a curse. As with any investment, there’s the ever-present risk that you can lose your money but it’s also very possible for you to make substantial profits in no time.

If you’ve been following Bitcoin, you can tell that even when there’s a bear market, there is always the possibility that things pick up as they almost always do. Investing in Bitcoin can be a wise decision. However, if you want to go down this route, you would need to spend a lot of time doing some research on your own to learn as much as you can, reducing the risk of less. Do not begin without research.

The above are just a few things that you can do with Bitcoin. Can you think of more?

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