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Natural energy resources are limited, and the world is in dire need of efficient renewable sources of energy. Companies like Tesla are actively striving to reduce the environmental impact of our economies but, their efforts, alone, are not enough.

The global community needs to act together, without borders to come up with ingenious new ways of using renewable sources of energy. The good news is that the green or renewable energy industry is growing steadily. In 2007, only 99 Gigawatts of renewable energy was produced from all over the world. In contrast, 2016 saw a record high of 2011.3 Gigawatts of energy being produced from renewable sources.

This accounts for 24% of the global electricity produced in 2016. Most of the energy was produced through hydropower, the rest with the help of solar and wind power. However, the green industry has historically been difficult to invest in. Mostly, due to high costs because it is still a comparatively new field.

GreenX wants to remove this limita...

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