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We can stream live video from the space station in orbit, but sending a payment to a different country still takes days to settle. Despite the development of the Internet and huge advances in the movement of information, sending money around the world is a slow and often frustrating process.

Modernizing global financial services infrastructure with blockchain technology promises dramatic payoffs: Improving the speed and cost of cross-border payments could provide trillions to the global economy while enabling greater financial inclusion and lower barriers to entry in global commerce.

Today, we’re a step closer to realizing these goals with xRapid. It eliminates delays in global payments while also dramatically lowering cost. xRapid leverages the technology behind the digital asset XRP, to make cross-border payments truly instant. Aggregated results from several pilots for xRapid are now available.

For payments in the critical remittance corridor between the U.S. and Mexico, financial ...

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