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Matteo, Essentia co-founder and Chairman of The Internet of Blockchain Foundation, explained the problem at stake: “Due to the number of border control agencies required to scrutinise travellers along the route, it’s vital for customs agents to be able to view passenger data in advance in the knowledge that it hasn’t been tampered with or impaired in any way. We believe this is to be a problem which blockchain would be ideal for.”

On February 20th, representatives of Essentia One met with Dutch ministers at The Hague. The purpose for the meeting was to discuss possible solutions to border control issues that currently beset the Amsterdam to London Eurostar route. Amsterdam-based Essentia One specialise in blockchain technology, and are in the process of developing a framework for the decentralised web. “Where some people see problems, we see challenges, which then motivates us to develop a solution” says Matteo.

Together with Head of Business Development Bedros Awanesian and Essentia A...

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