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Hello Lisk Community!

In an ongoing effort to update you on our development progress, we’ve written a comprehensive blog post to address the status of Lisk Core 1.0 and Beta Testing.

With this blog post and other development-related posts, we aim to deliver in-depth updates in a way that you can understand what it is we’ve accomplished in the past weeks no matter what your technical background is. We want to promote transparency regarding our development to help you understand our decision-making, the reasons behind potential delays and finally to offer a clear overview of the next steps.

Lisk Ranked #3 by the CCID

Before we begin, we have great news to share related to our development. Lisk has been recognized as the top 3 ranked public blockchain project by the CCID: China’s Ministry of Industry & Transformation Technology!

Lisk Ranked #3 in CCID Blockchain Rating.

It has been a little over one month since the public deployment of the Lisk Core 1.0 Beta Network, and within this time, 8...

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