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The IOTA technology and digital asset is a unique player in the world of distributed ledger technologies. Its forward thinking design was architected to support the unforeseen challenges of wide-scale IoT networks, quantum resistant computers, automation, and feeless payments in a digital world.

What is often overlooked is that IOTA is much more than a “protocol for machines.” Due to its design, it is incredibly well-suited to be the connective tissue between the human economy and the machine economy.

In order to fully understand the implications of this line of thinking, it’s important to frame the technology in a larger context:

The Human Economy

Up until now, our economy has been made up primarily of humans engaging in economic activity within a marketplace. Products, services and value have been easily exchanged thanks to a common set of standards that promote a decent level of interoperability between people and businesses.

Recently, devices have come into the picture to support the ex...

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