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With so many cryptocurrency exchanges available, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. While some people may be attracted to the newest exchanges offering special deals to attract customers, there is something to be said for exchanges that have been around for a long time. Today we’ll compare two long-running top crypto exchanges: Bittrex and Bitstamp, using their Cointelligence ratings as a benchmark for their quality.

Bittrex: Run by tech industry veterans

Bittrex is a highly respected US-based cryptocurrency exchange. Their headquarters is in Seattle and their founders are veterans of some Seattle-area tech giants you might have heard of: Microsoft and Amazon.

Bittrex has gained a good reputation among the crypto community for being self-policing and having excellent security procedures. In the past, they have delisted over 80 cryptocurrencies that were not compliant with their rules, showing a clear preference for providing a quality exchange over having the largest quan...

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