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The market for decentralized exchanges is growing, and Coineal is the latest one to be launched. A result of the collaboration of South Korean and Chinese crypto enthusiasts, Coineal will be launching with its native token, NEAL.

The total number of finite NEAL tokens to be produced is 10 billion NEALs. The trading platform is built to make the cryptocurrency trading easy for users by simplifying the process and reducing the trading fees.

The whole platform will be decentralized; therefore, the data of users will be protected from access by hackers. Users can acquire the native NEAL tokens by purchasing them or mining them through a POW-like mechanism.

Users who acquire NEAL before the launch of the platform are not allowed to sell their tokens and can only sell after the platform achieves a stable operation. This will create a more stable environment and ensure the best performance for community members that have contributed towards it.

The platform is the first ever collaboration bet...

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