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Many things have been baking in our IRI and client lib development efforts the past few months and I feel like it is time for another update to highlight what is coming. If you are an IRI node operator, then please do read on. We will go over some of the breaking changes coming with the networking rewrite.

Client libraries

We have released the stateful versions of client libraries back in April. Since then we have worked on improving the documentation and most recently, we have started ramping on the new MAM protocol.

MAM will also be the focus of the upcoming weeks. All the libraries — Java, JS, and Go will provide wrappers for the new MAM protocol that has been in the works for a few months now. You can take a look at the alpha of the new MAM here.


A lot has been happening in IRI. There is a version 1.7.1 coming next week. This version introduces a large number of different fixes and changes. One of the fixes we believe should improve the issue where the node got stuck at ‘repairing c...

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