As China continues in its efforts to lead the blockchain sector, the country’s Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE) has announced the launch of a new blockchain–tracking index. According to the announcement, the new index will follow the stocks of 50 blockchain companies.

The announcement states that these firms will be measured and listed with special consideration given to their performance over the past six months. The SSE will consider their average daily market value within this period.

The companies listed on the index are certified by the SSE for their contribution to the sector. The exchange made sure that all 50 blockchain firms use the technology satisfactorily, instead of just taking advantage of China’s newfound focus on blockchain. As part of efforts to certify actual use of blockchain apart from random claims, the SSE launched an investigation into health company Lifesense, last year. The inquiry was necessary because the company’s share price had surged unexpectedly, after announcing that it had plans to launch a blockchain research laboratory focused on the healthcare sector.

The SSE reportedly has a market capitalization of $3.12 trillion qualifying it as Asia’s fourth-biggest stock exchange and the eighth largest worldwide.

The new index will be revisited only twice each year, measuring their performance every six months.

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