Unlock 2020 Blockchain Forum, Abu Dhabi – UAE

UNLOCK Blockchain 2020 Forum will be held in Abu Dhabi – UAE on February 25th-26th. Our 2020 forum will be our third series of UNLOCK and hopefully the biggest yet. UNLOCK has been an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem in the region as it sheds light on what is being done in Blockchain across the MENA region and specifically in the GCC.

Unlock 2020 Blockchain Forum

For More Information, please visit: https://www.unlock-bc.com/events/unlock/2020

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Best Coding Courses for Blockchain Practitioners

Without a shadow of a doubt, you’ve come across “Blockchain” or “Blockchains” once in a while these past few years. Maybe you’re still trying to figure out what it means, how it works and what it can do for you. If you’re still wondering, Blockchain is the nomenclature of a new technological marvel often hailed as the “fifth evolution” of computing and a giant leap forward for the digital revolution that will usher in a new era of transparency, traceability of goods, super-efficient transactions and so much more. As the word per se entails, Blockchain is a public ledger consisting of a sequence of blocks that are added to previous blocks forming a chain in a linear and chronological order. In simpler terms, blockchain is a chain of blocks with each block containing digital information. Because Blockchain is capable of revamping the functioning of a wide range of industries and basically all human activity aspects, there is a surge of interest in exploring and getting the knack of this newly invented technology. As a result, many courses on the blockchain are appearing online with the aim of equipping you with the basics of blockchain operations and how to deploy them until you have it down the pat. 

Below you will find the top 3 blockchain courses as recommended by financial experts. Our list will give you a hand to begin your research and eventually choose the one that suits you. 

1. Ivanontech 

If one needs to choose only one blockchain course to gain a solid footing, Ivanontech ticks the box. With over 15K learners currently enrolled, Ivanontech is educating various banks, financial institutions, and governments about blockchain and its application. Don’t worry if you are a rookie because Ivanontech provides courses for all skill levels. They also give a FREE e-book for their subscribers which helps you get a better insight into blockchain and its underlying nuances. Despite introducing you to the major principles that underpin blockchain, most of the courses provided by Ivanontech have real-world applications. By the end of the course, you will be able to create your own apps on both Ethereum and EOS. What is more, after you pass all the quizzes and assignments, you will be provided with a world-class certification. After all, the majority of employers require certification. 

Price: 14$, 74$ at full price.

2. Blockchain 101 

This course is more theoretical than practical. However, it will give you valuable insights into the concepts and underlying mechanisms that underpin blockchain. In addition, you will learn how transactions are processed and stored on the blockchain, how mining works and, what is a hash, what is the double-spend problem and how to build smart contracts. The course is rather targeted for business owners and geeks who got an idea of how blockchain works and seeks to understand it on a deeper level. 

Price: 24.99$, 94$ at full price

3. Blockchain specialization  

This course is offered by The State University of New York and covers a wide range of important topics, from the cryptographic aspects of blockchain to private Ethereum blockchain platforms. More exactly, this course is divided into four parts. In the first part, you will learn the basics by initially examining the Bitcoin and Ethereum Protocol followed by an understanding of how to create nodes on a personal Ethereum blockchain, create and unlock accounts, transfer Ethers, etc. While the second part focuses on designing, coding, and executing a smart contract, the third part, probably the most difficult, helps you to design and develop decentralized applications or “Dapps”. The final part introduces you briefly to other blockchain platforms and encompasses topics such as privacy and scalability. All courses are delivered through videos, demos and various exercises. After you complete all these courses, you will get a certificate that will help you in your professional career. 

Price: Unknown, but definitely not free

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Bitcoin Mining in 2020: What to Expect

Considering that Bitcoin is still going strong in 2020, its mining community has 18 million blocks to go before exhausting the cryptocurrency in its entirety. Rest assured that the day when all of Bitcoin enters circulation is far away (2140 is not quite here yet), and there are still plenty of exciting moments left for miners. This year promises an interesting turn of events for the mining world.

There are plenty of factors, some more intangible than others, that influence such changes. For example, some may point to Bitcoin’s increased use around the world. Around 120 companies accept it as a method of payment, as SpendMeNot’s research reveals, and that demand affects its mining operations.

So what can we expect from the Bitcoin mining community in 2020? All things considered, we are looking at the probable surge in hash rates.

What Pushes Hash Rates

One looming event promises to make quite an impact on Bitcoin’s mining efforts—the block halving scheduled to take place on May 20 of this year. This halving will decrease the coin reward for successfully mining a block from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC.

The effects of this decrease cannot be precisely predicted, but we can make some pretty accurate guesses based on the last halving. Based on what we saw in 2016, when block rewards dropped to 12.5 BTC, the crypto’s hash rate increased quite a bit. This was, in fact, the time of Bitcoin’s greatest bull run ever.

Due to the possible rise in Bitcoin’s value, many speculators make very optimistic predictions, and some maintain that it will increase to $100,000. Such positive takes will almost certainly lead to a significant rise in hash rates. They have already gone up a great deal, jumping from 93 exahashes a second to 106 from December to January.

This upward trend has much to do with miners anticipating an increase in demand and the value of Bitcoin following the halving, but that is not the only apparent factor. A notable increase in Chinese mining pool activity is also accountable for the change.

Speaking of which, the dominion of China as the central mining country will most likely stay unchallenged in 2020. That has raised some concerns about monopolization, and the fact that China will only further solidify this status in the near future does not alleviate the distress.

The events taking place outside the crypto community should also be taken into account. A fine example is related to the recent tensions between the US and Iran, which seem to have pushed Bitcoin’s value through its recent slump, increasing it to $8,500. What might happen in the future is beyond our ability to predict accurately.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the looming reward cut coming this year is the primary force behind the increase in hash rates. That should lead to a notable rise in Bitcoin’s value, considering that it is a deflationary currency, and its supply cannot be increased beyond the designated amount. With mining going strong, and current events pointing to further demand, the business should be operating full steam ahead for the foreseeable future.

Karthik Reddy
Community Manager


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