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“Going to the North Pole for cryptocurrency mining? I play and mine”, says Tom Kim, the founder of Gstar Coin.

As we are aware, mining cryptocurrency is expensive, time consuming and extremely painstaking in return for sporadic rewards. Apparently, Bitcoin mining consumes more energy than gold mining. Gaining popularity in the pressing issues globally, mining has raised concerns of global warming as it requires energy intensive calculations. Reports suggest that Bitcoin mining resulted in an estimated 13 million tonnes of carbon dioxide produced in 2018.

All this, just for earning a few rewards in cryptocurrency? Why not try a new approach to mining through mobile games? Gstar Coin, referred to as GOX. has been developed to facilitate easy mining of the coin while playing mobile games.

How Does Mobile Mining Work?

Gstar has designed a program that rewards all users who play games using GOX. Mining of GOX is simultaneously done while playing games. The rewards are received as per the ra...

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