Binance Futures Vice President Aaron Gong recently took to Twitter, to announce that the exchange platform has surpassed others with its volume of Bitcoin (BTC) contracts traded in 24 hours.

Gong’s tweet also thanked all of the platform’s customers for choosing Binance Futures as their preferred trading platform.

In its recent weekly report, Binance has announced further details about the record, mentioning that its 24 hour trade average stood at $2.343 billion. This figure beats Bitmex’s 24 hour average of $2.121 billion.

Gong further adds that Binance has seen impressive growth in its short life span, saying that the firm’s track record and reliability has ensured this growth. He also expressed optimism about Binance Futures’ chances for 2020.

“Since our inception, it has been an exciting time for traders as crypto markets displayed stronger demand and volatility. Therefore, choosing a reliable and trustworthy exchange for risk-hedging has never been more critical than before. Hopefully, Binance Futures emerge as the market-standard choice for traders as we continue to expand our ecosystem throughout 2020.”

Binance Futures was launched in September 2019 and has been relentless in growth since inception. The platform currently runs 24 contracts with support for major digital assets including BTC, Ethereum, XRP, Dash and others. Binance Futures also has one of the lowest charges in the market, with an impressive matching engine as well.

Last month, the platform announced XMR/USDT perpetual contracts, with up to 75x leverage.

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