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Best Gaming Based Cryptocurrencies To Invest

Why should financial services and payments have all the fun!

And by fun, I mean why should only these fields be immersed in the blockchain technology and benefit from it.

There are no such limitations, hence, certain veteran gamers and blockchain enthusiasts are trying to solve various problems faced by the gaming and eSports community in today’s world.

That’s why today, I am going to share with you some projects that I think are doing notable work in improving the worldwide gaming industry with the help of blockchain and crypto.

Best Gaming-Based Cryptocurrencies

1. GameCredits

GameCredits (GAME) is the in-game payment currency for the gamers. It is also a peer-to-peer open source cryptocurrency over a transparent blockchain through which developers and gamers can receive payouts.

It was incepted in 2015 under the name GamersCoin (GMC) and was later rebranded to GameCredits (GAME). It is primarily a technical clone of Litecoin (LTC) before SegWit, with som...

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