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Watch this recording of Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse being interviewed by Chief Market Strategist Cory Johnson that aired live on Wednesday April 25, 2018. The two discussed the 2018 Q1 XRP Markets Report, Ripple’s new customers over the quarter, updates in the XRP ecosystem and more. Please find a transcript below of their discussion.

Cory: I’m Cory Johnson I’m the chief market strategist for Ripple. I’m here at Ripple Headquarters right here in downtown San Francisco with my boss Brad Garlinghouse. This is really weird because I have interviewed you for years when I was a journalist and now I work here.

Brad: I know the tables have turned now you can’t ask the really biting questions.

Cory: Oh I absolutely can and will. No so Ripple, indeed one of the reasons I joined the company is I felt like the company has a really good job of talking about what’s going on sharing what’s happened to the company coming out every quarter like this and t...

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