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Easiest Ways Of Converting Bitcoins Into Fiat Holdings

Bitcoins have heralded a new dimension in the global financial spectrum. However, it still has a long way to go before reaching the brim of complete acceptability. Fortunately, the conversion process from Bitcoins to usable fiats such as dollars, pounds etc. is pretty easy and quick. Whether you wish to convert your Bitcoins in to traditional bills or book some profit from your crypto holding, you can follow the below mentioned methods for the same.

Fiat Accepting Exchanges

These exchanges accept Bitcoin in exchange of popular fiat currencies like EUR, USD and GBP. We have provided a list containing the most popular crypto to fiat conversions hosted by exchanges:

  • Bitfinex-USD/EUR
  • bitFlyer– USD/JPY
  • Coinbase-USD/EUR
  • Bitstamp-USD/EUR
  • BitMex-USD
  • Kraken-USD/EUR
  • Livecoin-USD
  • ZebPay (India Only)-Convert BTC to IN...

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