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6X, a leading digital asset trading exchange based in Singapore, strengthens its position in the crypto space as it lists on Coinintelligence as a fully listed exchange. This is the third listing for 6X on a crypto tracker platform. The first listing was FeiXiaoHao, followed shortly by CoinGecko. Coinintelligence conducts data research and analysis for the crypto economy.  

“We are happy to be listed on Coinintelligence. A third listing shows our 100% commitment in the crypto market,” said Vanessa Koh, International Vice President of 6X Exchange. “Being listed is a key part of our ecosystem and it becomes a reference point for information for our 6x exchange trading platform.”

Coinintelligence goes beyond offering users trading information about volume, the latest trading price and available trading pairs. Firstly, Coinintelligence maintains the best initial coin offering (ICO) list and security token offering (STO) list and an impartial ICO or STO rating system. Secondly, crypto event...

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