Even though Bitcoin trading is quite disappointing at the moment, the future is not looking bleak at all. In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Grayscale Managing Director Michael Sonnenshein has said that the next generation is in a great position to pump Bitcoin because on average, about $68 trillion will be passed down.

According to Sonnenshein:

“There’s $68 trillion of wealth that’s going to get passed down to Millenials over the next 25 years. That’s a lot of capital. And whether today it’s invested in gold or other kinds of investments, we have to be paying attention to how that capital is going to get redeployed as it gets passed down. So from our perspective, we’re really drilling into what that looks like.”

Sonnenshein also goes on to talk about a report that Grayscale had published a few months ago. According to the report, the idea that women are not very interested in the cryptocurrency sector is largely false. The Grayscale survey found that among all of the people who participated that are interested in Bitcoin investment, 43% are female.

The study also suggests that women are particularly interested in Bitcoin investment because they can put in very small and comfortable amounts of money and are free to withdraw all of their investments or just their returns, whenever they feel like it.

In a different report published last year, Grayscale revealed that 56% of all its investments in 2018 were done by institutional investors.

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