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TRON Cryptocurrency May Get Listed On Coinbase

One of the most famous altcoins of 2017 is making it’s come back. The coin TRX near the ending of 2017 earned many traders a healthy return on their investments. TRON (TRX) is preparing for the launch of its Mainnet at the end of May and the election of its Super Representatives in June. On the issue of the upcoming migration from ERC-20 status to its own network, the CEO has assured its community that everything will be done right and that there will be no issues.

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Not just this, users who would migrate from Ethereum to TRON’s mainnet have been promised to be rewarded. With so many things to look forward to, TRON getting listed on the Coinbase platform would be icing to the cake. TRX HODLers would be more interested and the altcoin...

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